Dragon Fruit

What is a Dragon Fruit?

Dragon fruit often referred to as pitayas, come in a variety of sizes, shapes, skin tones, flesh tones, and flavor characteristics. These cultivars also have varying tolerances for heat, cold, and sunlight. Hence, when you produce them at home, you should pick the kind that best suits your growing conditions and taste. The rest of the article will describe different varieties of Dragon Fruit.

Dragon Fruit Trees
Dragon Fruit Trees

Different Varieties of Dragon Fruit

The fruit begins its life as a flower, growing on a kind of Central American cactus.

The trendy fruit exists in several types with various flavors and skin and flesh tones, proving that it is not a one-trick pony.

White Dragon Fruit

White dragon fruit, the most widely cultivated kind of pitaya, with a beautiful pink exterior and white flesh that is flecked with delicious black seeds. It’s more well-known varieties include:

David Bowie: 

Let’s discuss the pale, lanky duke. This white dragon fruit species is slimmer than most and distinguished by a tangier, lemon-like flavor.

Vietnamese Jaina:

One of the most popular cultivars in the world, thanks in part to the stunning whiteness of its fruit. This variety has stunning color blocking that would look great on Pinterest.

L.A. Woman:

A unique cultivar that, according to some experts, leaves a terrible sensation when eaten. 

Seoul Kitchen:

Compared to its Los Angeles relative, the shape of this species of white dragon fruit is a little bit rounder, and the flesh is smoother and sweeter.

Lake Atitlan:

This exotic-sounding kind of dragon fruit is normally on the larger and tangier side and is named for the lake in Guatemala surrounded by volcanoes.


Named after a fruit-growing rock singer, Alice Snow, this namesake type of dragon fruit is less tasty than other varieties but has ultra-bright pink skin.


Originally from California, this sweet variety tastes best when chilled. 


It’s a white dragon fruit kind that is especially tasty in the world of exotic plants.


This cultivar, which produces a very excellent jam, has a semi-sweet white pulp with a melon flavor.


This cultivar of the white dragon fruit is one of the biggest; it may weigh as much as 1.5 pounds.

Red Dragon Fruit

The skin of red dragon fruit is the same as that of white dragon fruit, but it contains a burst of crimson pulp on the interior.

Red Jaina: 

With a pulp that is extremely deep red and particularly juicy, this type is the ideal addition to an excellent blender.


This medium-sized red dragon fruit type is named after the Honduran university where it was first created. It has a moderate, sweet flavor.

Costa Rican Sunset: 

As distinctive as its name suggests, this species of dragon fruit is especially special because of its slow-growing vine.

Natural Mystic:

Natural Mystic produces medium to large berries with dark crimson to the magenta pulp. The fruit can weigh between 450 and 750 grams and has a highly sweet (really never sour) taste. The plant self-pollinates. Natural Mystic can bear fruit four times a year.

Pink Dragon Fruit

Although they are all technically red dragon fruits, they can range in color from a gentle rose to a bright pink on the inside.


This red but more pink-like dragon fruit type has lovely magenta flesh and a sweet-and-sour flavor. 

American Beauty:

American Beauty Dragon fruits are reddish-orange with green tips and a dark pink, delectable flesh inside that is tasty and earthy. American Beauty is a superb mid-yielding, self-pollinating cultivar that is medium in size and weighs 0.5 – 1.0 lbs on average. 


This pink dragon fruit is deserving of its name. It is on the larger side and has a smooth texture, a sweet flavor, and wonderful soft pink flesh.

Dark Star: 

A slim and long shape with a moderate grape flavor.

Cosmic Charlie: 

This magenta-fleshed variety, with a wonderfully heavenly flavor of grape and kiwi.

Purple Haze: 

Named after Jimi Hendrix, this larger kind of dragon fruit has a brilliant pink color, only a few seeds, and a grape-like flavor.

Voodoo Child: 

This pink dragon fruit is tiny but mighty, packing a sweet grape-like flavor into an egg-sized, dark pink fruit.

Yellow Dragon Fruit

‘Colombiana,’ commonly referred to as ‘Yellow Dragon,’ is a cultivar of the pitaya species S. megalanthus, which is indigenous to northern South America and renowned for its delicious yellow fruits.

The ‘Colombiana’ fruit has a thin, thick, golden covering that is covered in spines. Its huge, black seeds are embedded throughout the white, semi-translucent flesh, which has a firm texture.

Sour Dragon Fruit

This particular variety of dragon fruit, also known as stenocereus, is mostly found in South and Central America, particularly in more dry areas. Although it tends to be more sour than sweet, it produces more juice than most other types and has long been a staple of native peoples’ diets.

A dragon fruit constantly strives to impress, regardless of its appearance or flavor.

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